Adventure World Cave of Doom Expedition: Everything you need to know


Over the past two days, we've brought you a look at two of the three new Indiana Jones-themed Expeditions in Zynga's Adventure World. Now, we're ready to finish off this new trio, and not a moment too soon, as Indy himself will be showing up in the game any day! This third Expedition is called The Cave of Doom, and it has us searching for one last Standing Stone in the middle of a cave.

The particular Expedition has a three day time limit, and requires 575 Supplies to begin. You'll also need two each of Food, Fuel and Water. Once you start, you'll learn that the cave you entered way back at the beginning of the game (in the Prologue Quests) is actually a lot bigger than you thought. We're returning here now to find the lost Standing Stone, but remember - watch out for spiders!

Rub That Stone!

  • Solve the First Puzzle to drop the West Wall

  • Solve the Second Puzzle to drop the East Wall

  • Push the Stone Halves Together

  • Take a Rubbing of the Standing Stone

For this Expedition, you're dealing with tons of puzzles, right from the start. The two pieces of this Standing Stone are perched high atop walls in a locked room. The room itself is locked with three more pillars, as seen below. You'll need to solve the Expected "Simon Says" puzzles to drop the two walls, and push various switches and levers along the path to unlock the room itself.

This Expedition also introduces us to torch switches, which block your path with walls. You'll need to press the appropriately colored switches to match the torches and walls you'd like to lower. Sometimes though, there are multiple switches in your path and by pressing the wrong one, you'll normally be confronted by a spider.

Find the Thieves' Documents

  • Recover the First Set of Papers

  • Recover the Second Set of Papers

  • Recover the Third Set of Papers

  • Recover the Fourth Set of Papers

Yet again, a group of thieves has beaten you to the punch with this Standing Stone. They've left a lot of stuff behind, and Professor Allen wants you to collect it so we can learn more about them. According to Allen, they're far too organized to be petty thieves, so we're out to find out just what they're up to. These Papers are found in boxes at various points along the map, blocked by some kind of debris (thorns, spider webs) or a Spike Trap.

Disarm the Thieves' Explosive Traps

  • Get 10 Pliers

  • Collect the Magnifying Glass

  • Disarm 4 Explosives

You'll need to ask your friends to send you the Pliers via individual gift requests. Remember, you have three full days to complete this Expedition, so don't panic at the thought of it just yet. Meanwhile, the Magnifying Glass is found early on (before lowering either of the two walls) at the top of the map, as seen below. The Explosives are found randomly scattered around the map (although you might have to clear some debris out of the way before reaching them), and once you've started gathering pliers, you can simply click on them to disarm them.

After finishing these three quests, you will have successfully completed Cave of Doom and will be ready to greet Indy in the game with open arms. Will we continue to learn more about these Thieves, or will they forever be one step ahead of us? We'll keep bringing you guides to Expeditions and story quests, so keep checking back with us to find out!

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Were you satisfied by these three new Indiana Jones-themed Expeditions in Adventure World? What do you think of this Cave of Doom Expedition specifically? Sound off in the comments.