Empires & Allies: Embark on the Lucky Mermaid Mini-Campaign

Joe Osborne
Empires Allies Little Mermaid
Empires Allies Little Mermaid

If there is one thing social gamers like--other than free stuff, of course--it's choices. It looks like Zynga has realized this in its recent games, and now Empires & Allies is taking on that mantra with the new Little Mermaid Mini-Campaign. While on paper, this is nothing more than a series of Goals, players are given a few choices on their path to the final reward: The Golden Mermaid.

Starting from the very beginning, you're given to choice to approach this new timed mini-campaign (about two weeks) in either combat-oriented or social or construction-centric missions. Frankly, the latter already sounds kind of boring, so I'd personally recommend taking the former path.

Each path consists of five Goals with one choice along the way. But Zynga reminds players to choose carefully, as there is no turning back after you make your first and second decisions along the way.

This mini-campaign appears in your game just as The Little Mermaid anchors on the coast of your empire, and clicking on it reveals a new campaign map with several Goals. According to the developer, these Goals have more lucrative rewards than standard ones, and the final prize--should you complete all five Goals on time--is The Golden Mermaid. This is certainly not a combat unit, but is a decoration said to grant players with booming profits.

Empires Allies Little Mermaid Campaign Screen
Empires Allies Little Mermaid Campaign Screen

This is a brand new approach to releasing content for the E&A team, and plans are to release more mini-campaigns like this one. So, of course, the team is looking for feedback on the forums. Here's a personal suggestion: Lose the social-centric missions and focus on the combat--perhaps even player vs player in Battle Blitz.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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