Empires & Allies: Play Adventure World, score a Red Vampire Jet

Adventure World Empires Allies promotion
Adventure World Empires Allies promotion

The cross promotions for Adventure World, Zynga's brand new giant Facebook game from Zynga Boston, have officially exploded. After taking tours through both CityVille and Mafia Wars, Empires & Allies players can now score their own limited edition item, the Red Vampire Jet, for giving the new game a ride. All you need to do is long into E&A and click on an icon of a red plane on the right of your game screen.

Once you click this, click on the button to jump into Adventure World. You have until Oct. 6 to reach Level 6 in the massive game to score the item. Since the item won't be given to players until that date, we're unsure as to what it does. But our best guess is that it will be an aerial military unit. And it looks quite interesting with a very "seaplane" look to it.

Before the bevy of cross promotions, Adventure World wasn't doing so hot. But now, after diligent in-game advertisements like these, Zynga Boston's debut has reached over 29.5 million monthly players, and it looks to soon topple E&A, according to AppData. Oh, and the fact that the game will soon be thoroughly branded with Indiana Jones will certainly help that growth. Things are on the up and up for Adventure World, and the team already looks to capitalize on this critical mass.

Are you going to play Adventure World for this new item? What do you think of the cross promotions in Zynga's games overall? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.