CEO Threatens To Fire Workers Over Stolen Milk

nasty email over stolen milkStaff-wide emails are usually sent to announce new hires or changes in company policy, not to cry over milk.

But not always. As was first reported on Gawker, a New Jersey public relations executive zipped off a nasty missive to his workers over milk stolen from the office.

"I have repeatedly requested until I am blue in the face that the person that finishes the milk must replace the milk. It's not complicated and is a simple sign of respect for fellow employees," Keith Zakheim began his email, which was sent to the staff of Beckerman Public Relations, based in Hackensack, N.J.

As the New York Post added, Zakheim was pushed to his lactose breaking point when he showed for work on Tuesday and met the empty cartons. He referred to the humiliating moment in his memo.

"I stumbled in at 7:15 after enduring a typically painful Redskins loss and in dire need of a shot of caffeine, only to find that the skim milk in the refrigerator had three drops of milk left. Literally 3 drops, an amount that would maybe fill the tummy of a prematurely born mouse," he writes, before going on to introduce a threat. "The person that did this is either incredibly lazy, obnoxiously selfish or woefully devoid of intelligence -- 3 traits that are consistent with the profile of FORMER Beckerman employees."

Catching wind of the note being published, the PR department of the PR firm has tried to save face.

"This is all about communicating that we have a culture of mutual respect and taking responsibility," Allyne Mills, general manager at Beckerman, told the New York Post. "I think in hindsight, he admits the wording was a bit strong, but for people who know Keith and work here, they understood the email and the spirit in which it was intended."

Far from trying to downplay the incident, Zakheim, 36, stood his ground in a statement delivered to Gawker after they published a copy of his email.

"I have not fired anyone or ever intended to but the message to everyone here was that behavior in the office that reflects selfishness and lack of respect for fellow employees is unacceptable," he wrote.

And while the old maxim that there's no such thing as bad press applies, now that Beckerman's name is in the news, some industry analysts are saying that the firm will suffer over the milk showdown. In writing about the incident, the British publication, Management Today, went with the following headline: "PR disaster: Milk-deprived CEO is not a-moo-sed."

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