The 15 Professions That Need Coffee The Most

national coffee day employeesLast week, I was about halfway to work when I got a little cool, and decided to zip up my coat. But for whatever reason, I couldn't get it to zip, so I kept walking. About halfway to the office, I caught my reflection in a window and realized I couldn't zip my coat because it was on inside out.

I'm convinced that this is what most of my life would be like without caffeine.

Which is why, when I arrive at the office each morning, drinking coffee is my first priority. Without it, I'm none too swift. Or useful. Or agreeable.

But, as it turns out, neither are a lot of people.

A new survey from CareerBuilder and Dunkin' Donuts finds that 34 percent of workers say they need coffee to get through the day, while 46 percent admit they'd be less productive at work if they didn't drink it (though if you're like me, 'less productive' is something of an understatement). The survey was conducted in honor of National Coffee Day today, September 29.

"National Coffee Day is the perfect time to celebrate coffee's unique place as a staple in our daily lives," says John Costello, chief global marketing and innovation officer at Dunkin' Brands. "As these survey results show, coffee continues to play an increasingly important role in the workplace, helping to jumpstart people across all professions in the morning and keep them going throughout their busy workday."

So how can you honor National Coffee Day? First, read on for more insight about our nation's coffee obsession. Then, take some time today to remember all the great things coffee has done for your career. It's the least you can do.

Who needs it the most?

While coffee-imbibers were certainly found in all industries, some professionals were more likely than others to admit to needing a coffee "jumpstart" during the day. According to the survey results, workers in the following jobs are most likely to make coffee a part of their daily routine:

  1. Scientist/Lab technician
  2. Marketing/Public relations professional
  3. Education administrator
  4. Editor/writer
  5. Healthcare administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food preparer
  8. Professor
  9. Social worker
  10. Financial professional
  11. Personal caretaker
  12. Human resources benefits coordinator
  13. Nurse
  14. Government professional
  15. Skilled tradesperson (plumber, carpenter, etc.)

In terms of regional breakdown, workers in the Northeast (49 percent) were most likely to report needing coffee to get through the day, followed by those in the West (47 percent), and Midwest and South (45 percent).

How do you like it?

The survey also found an industry-to-industry differences on how workers took their coffee.

Professionals most likely to take their coffee black, for example, were attorneys and judges, and hotel workers. Human resources professionals and personal caretakers, on the other hand, preferred to take their coffee with cream and sugar. And government professionals, teachers, and writers and editors were most likely to choose flavored brews.

How it benefits your career

As if helping us function in the morning and stay awake through the workday wasn't enough, coffee also provides additional career benefits.

"It's interesting to see how coffee not only brings additional energy to the workday, but also provides opportunities to strike up conversations and build relationships," says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. "The study shows one-in-five workers use coffee as a means to socialize and network with co-workers."

Happy sipping!

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