Pioneer Trail Baby Bunyan Goals: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail baby Bunyan
Pioneer Trail baby Bunyan

You know, I've always wondered what old Paul Bunyan looked like as an infant. (Was he always that huge--was him mom even bigger?) With the new series of Baby Bunyan Goals, Zynga looks to answer these questions once and for all in Pioneer Trail.

Much like the Injured Animals of old, players Level 18 and above will soon find a Baby Bunyan of their own, all alone on their homesteads. But this will only happen after chopping trees. Get to choppin', and follow along with our guide below:

Big Food

  • Feed Baby Bunyan Super Baby Gro 8 Times

  • Harvest 50 Potatoes

  • Help 10 Exhausted Storks

Once you find your own Baby Bunyan, it's time to nurse it into the tree-choppin' tyke you always dreamed of. (Weird dreams much?) Just like an Injured Animal, you must ask your friends for Super Baby Gro. While this Goal only requires you to do it eight times, it takes 15 Super Baby Gro to nurse him completely.

Harvesting 50 Potatoes will cost you 4,500 Coins total, and take at least four hours, if you plant them all at once. Exhausted Storks are actually a new Injured Animal that are found either clearing debris or harvesting crops. Of course, they require you to ask friends for even more items to nurse them back to health. Your rewards for completing this massive first Goal are 500 XP, 500 Coins and one Stork.

Big Britches

  • Collect 100 Cotton Puffs

  • Tend 40 Baby Sheep

  • Collect 25 Safety Pins

The 100 Cotton Puffs required for this Goal reportedly come from harvesting Cotton, which is news to us. If the ratio is 1 to 1, harvesting 100 Cotton will cost you 6,000 Coins and take three days at the very least. Tending to 40 Baby Sheep could be tough, though Zynga doesn't distinguish between Sheep or your Homestead or those of your Neighbors. The 25 Safety Pins, of course, come from begging your friends some more. Enjoy 750 XP and 750 Coins for completing this Goal.

Need more Super Gro
Need more Super Gro

Who's A Big Boy

  • Complete Feed Baby Bunyan

  • Bake 25 Cakes In The Inn

  • Collect 25 Baby Clothes

By this point, you're expected to have a fully grown (well, sort of) Baby Bunyan, which again, takes 15 Super Baby Gro. To bake 25 Cakes, you will need 50 Fire and 100 Batter. Fire is first crafted in the Wagon using seven Wood and five Cloth, which amounts to 350 Wood and 250 Cloth. (That's 250 visits to old friends, though you can also turn in the Cotton Collection for five Cloth.)

The 100 Batter will take a whopping 2,000 Food and 90,000 Coins--this is gonna' take awhile. The 25 Baby Clothes are, once more, sourced from friends. For finishing this giant Goal, you will be rewarded with 1000 XP, 1000 Coins and one Baby Giant Blue Ox. More importantly, you'll have your very own Baby Bunyan, which will prove to be a boon to your homestead.

Baby Bunyan About
Baby Bunyan About

Click on your Baby Bunyan after clicking "Finish" to ask him to chop trees. Here's the best part: Baby Bunyan can chop down three full trees for you at the cost of zero Energy. However, Baby Bunyan can only do this once daily. Still, that's quite the reward for such an arduous set of Goals, so use him wisely.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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