Open Houses of the Week: Oct. 1-2

open housesThere's something about that "Open House" sign that acts like a magnet. Whether you're looking for a new place to live, keeping tabs on real estate in your neighborhood, or just angling for a sneak peek at someone else's private domain, the lure of an open door is powerful.

This weekend we travel the country in search of the toniest high-rises and the coolest condos on display, care of Scroll through for a taste of that pie-in-the-sky property near you.

1. New York, N.Y.

Open house: Saturday, Oct. 1
Location: 350 W. 50th St., Unit 35e
Price: $1,390,000
Property details: As lord of the concrete jungle, survey your kingdom from this top-floor apartment in the Worldwide Plaza. With walls of windows in every room and 11-foot ceilings, enjoy unobstructed views of the city from your swivel-chair throne.

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2. Boston, Mass.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 15 Savoy St., Unit D308
Price: $899,000
Property details: This sleek, contemporary unit in the heart of Boston proves that not all dreams of homeownership have a white picket fence. Take a look inside the property for a glance at the roof-deck patio and other amenities.

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3. Miami, Fla.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 2901 S. Bayshore Dr.
Price: $2,500,000
Property details: Forget walk-in closets, you could park a Buick in this wall-to-wall wardrobe. Described as "Manhattan meets Coconut Grove," this tropically-themed apartment is just blocks away from the coral reef yacht club and boasts stunning views of Biscayne Bay.

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4. Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

Open house: Tuesday, Oct. 4
Location: 19333 Collins Ave., Unit 1501
Price: $1,200,000
Property details: Italian marble and mahogany furnishings framed by crystal-clear views of the beach -- not exactly what you'd expect from a condo. See the listing below to tour this extravagant home.

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5. Dallas, Texas

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 4611 Travis Street, Unit 1405b
Price: $400,000
Property description: You don't need to be a millionaire to live in the lap of luxury. As this two-bedroom, three-bath condo in Dallas proves, things really are bigger in Texas. Take a peek at the stylish interior.

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6. Chicago, Ill.

Open House: Sunday, Oct 2
Location: 310 S. Michigan Ave.
Price: $1,429,899
Property description: High ceilings, hardwood floors and plenty of space await prospective buyers in this Second City duplex. With over 3,000 square feet of space and three bedrooms, why bother with single-family houses?

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7. Washington, D.C.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 555 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Price: $405,000
Property description: A perfect bachelor pad if ever we've seen one. This one-bedroom, centrally-located D.C. apartment has everything a worldly buyer needs -- location, location, location. Tour the listing below for the view.

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8. Los Angeles, Calif.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 11974 Mayfield Ave.
Price: $1,299,000
Property details: This Mediterranean-style home is a far cry from the cramped apartments some might associate with townhouse living. A (long) walk through the spacious halls of this 3,000-square-foot-plus stunner, and you might never look at townhomes the same way again.

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9. Denver, Colo.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 2
Location: 3216 Zuni St.
Price: $950,000
Property description: Some of the most exciting residential architecture can be found right here in the Mile-High City. With an understated, contemporary sensibility, this three-bedroom home is perfect for the landlocked artsy type.

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10. Englewood, N.J.

Open House: Sunday, Oct 2
Price: $199,000
Property description: The condo unit in this historic Tudor-style estate is the most affordable property on our list, but we won't tell if you won't. Live in one of the ritzier counties in Joisey without the designer price tag.

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