FarmVille Pic of the Day: Catch the winter blues at Onisuka057's farm

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While DaTigga's isles farm certainly beats all in terms of creating a water-filled landscape, Onisuka057's river mountain farm is a contender for the greatest number of watery FarmVille decorations used. Just like his golden oasis farm, Onisuka057 proves to be a big spender of Farm Cash items, but he does arrange them in impressive ways. By using nine Waterfalls and one Bear Fishing item, he's managed to create the illusion of a massively long river running down the crevices of his mountain. (The mountain itself is the same kind used by ombra231's Italy farm to recreate the Apennine Mountain Range.)

On the bottom of the farm, he's got more Alps intertwined with more than one Lake and Mirror Lake, which are certainly not cheap. While the Lake is readily available at the Market, the Mirror Lake is a random Mystery Box item, so he must've had to buy a lot of those before he got what he wanted.

FarmVille spelled out in hay bales
FarmVille spelled out in hay bales

For more uses of blue, Onizuka057 planted a ton of what appears to be Forget-Me-Nots, which require at least Level 90. In an earlier version of his farm, he even spelled out "FARMVILLE" in what looks like Perfect Bunches of Morning Glory and Iris flowers. I think his farm looked better with all that blue, though the logo version that he made out of hay bales looks good, too.

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