Adventure World Great River Expedition: Everything you need to know

Here we are again, adventurers, giving you another look at a brand new Expedition that has been added to Adventure World this week. If you've been completing Expeditions in a row from left to right across the game's menu, you'll be surprised to see that not one, but three new Expeditions have appeared fairly early on in the list, in anticipation of the arrival of Indiana Jones in the game next month. How do I know that? It's simple - all three Expeditions are tagged with Indiana Jones within the game's menu.

Still going in order, the first of these Expeditions you'll come across is the Great River Expedition. This one will see you reuiniting two villages that are separated by broken bridges. The overall Expedition has a three day time limit, and requires you to have 325 Supplies and two each of Food, Fuel and Water before you can begin. Once you do, you'll have three quests to complete in all - here's a guide to completing them.

Gather a Rubbing

  • Collect 12 Cotton

  • Collect 24 Vines

  • Repair 6 Bridges

  • Take a Rubbing of the Standing Stone

Soon after starting this Expedition, you'll see that this is about more than just repairing bridges. Apparently, Indy (or perhaps just the Society) wants you to take a rubbing (with coal and paper) of an ancient Standing Stone at the far end of this map. In order to get there, you'll need to complete these bridges as a result.

The materials necessary to complete these bridges are scattered throughout the map, with the Cotton being found in rows or other farm-esque areas, and the Vines coming by removing Thorns from the map. Each thorn tends to give out four individual Vines, you'll need to remove at least six to reach the 24 total. Each of the six bridges require four Vines and two Cotton, so you'll luckily have enough to build some bridges to reach other areas and collect more materials, without having to do everything at once.

Llama Research?

  • Gather 10 Hay

  • Ask for 10 Shaving Cream

  • Apply Shaving Cream to 10 Llamas

  • Shave 10 Llamas

For whatever reason, Emily (your research companion) has taken an interest in the Llamas the frequent this map, and wants their wool. Taking a rather humorous approach, you'll need to gather ten cans of shaving cream by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll then need to click on on each Llama twice: once to apply the shaving cream and once to shave them. The Hay, meanwhile, is scattered around the various islands of the map.

Grapple to the Summit

  • Recover the Mountainheart Gem

  • Gather the Feed Bag that Weighs the Same as the Gem

  • Place the Feed Bag in the Hands of the Mountainheart

Making this Expedition even more complicated, Emily has another demand: she wants the Mountainheart gem that rests along the top left hand corner of this map. This one is guarded by snakes and plenty of debris, and is compounded by the fact that you'll need to have a bag weighing the same as the Gem before you can take it. These bags are found around the map, and come in various sizes. Don't worry about having to personally determine their weight; just by clicking on a single bag, you'll be told whether or not it's the right size. This results in trial and error, sure, but it doesn't require any skill.

Once you have finished these three admittedly complex portions, you'll have successfully completed the Great River Expedition. If this is any indication as to the complexity of future Expeditions, I hope we're all ready for a struggle as we continue on.

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What do you think of this Great River Expedition? Are there too many steps required to complete it, or do you appreciate a lengthy challenge? Sound off in the comments.