The Sims Social Cheats and Tips: A Guide to Land Expansions

The Sims Social Land Expansion
The Sims Social Land Expansion

You've grown out of room to put all of your cool stuff? Man, a Sim's life sure is rough, huh? Well, we're about to make your Sim's life in The Sims Social even easier. A large component to the game is building out your Sim's dream home, which of course, requires you to expand, expand expand. So, here is everything you need to know about Land Expansions in The Sims Social:

Are You Financially Prepared?

Before you even think about expanding your home, you will need to level up a bit. To expand your property for the first time, reach Level 10 and accumulate a House Value of at least 25K. To increase your House Value, simply buy more stuff! Once that's through, you will find "For Sale" signs littered around your property.

Location, Location, Location

Next, it's time to choose where you want to expand first. Expansions are good only for the square in which you request. Click on the square, and a pop-up window will appear with the requirements for a Land Expansion. Surprise--you'll need to ask your friends for items in true Facebook game fashion.

The Sims Social For Sale Sign
The Sims Social For Sale Sign

Oh, and it'll cost you a chunk of Simoleons, too. While the first Land Permit Application requires just four items and 2,000 Simoleons to take, we imagine this would increase with later expansions. Also, read carefully: This is a Land Permit Application, remember? That means ...

The Waiting Game

Every time you apply for a Land Expansion through this process, it'll take some time go through. And we're talking literal time: Your first Land Permit Application will not be accepted for one minute after completing it. Sure, this is nothing, but just wait until you reach your 11th and final expansion. That's right, it'll take days later on for applications to go through. Here are the requirements for each Land Permit Application, and the time it takes for each to go through:

Land Expansion Requirements:

  • First: 25K House Value; Level 10

  • Second: 30K House Value; Level 11

  • Third: 70K House Value; Level 12

  • Fourth: 80K House Value; Level 14

  • Fifth: 90K House Value; Level 16

  • Sixth: 100K House Value; Level 19

  • Seventh: 120K House Value; Level 22

  • Eighth: 140K House Value; Level 26

  • Ninth: 170K House Value; Level 31

  • 10th: 200K House Value; Level 38

  • 11th: 250K House Value; Level 45

The Sims Social Land Permit Application
The Sims Social Land Permit Application

Land Permit Application Wait Times:

  • First: One minute

  • Second: Five minutes

  • Third: 30 minutes

  • Fourth: One hour

  • Fifth: Two hours

  • Sixth: Four hours

  • Seventh: Eight hours

  • Eighth: 12 hours

  • Ninth: One day

  • 10th: Two days

  • 11th: Three days

Once your application has been approved, you'll definitely know. It's said that a prize comes with each major Land Expansion, and that your Sim won't be able to help but celebrate. And after all the hard clicking work, we doubt you will either.

[Source and Image Credit: Playfish]

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