Spider Web Prevents Postal Worker From Delivering Mail

Mail carriers are a devoted bunch. As the motto reads on the James Farley Post Office in Manhattan: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

In Canada, however, spider webs are a different matter. At least that's how it appears after a homeowner in suburban Halifax, Nova Scotia, stopped receiving his mail.

After eight days of opening an empty mailbox, Metro Halifax reports, the answer to the mystery of why Kevin Keating wasn't getting his mail was handwritten on a yellow Post-it note stuck to a bundle of letters: "spider web," it read.

The letter carrier refused to deliver Keating's mail because there was a spider web in the walkway leading to the mailbox.

Keating wasn't amused, telling the publication, "Isn't that ridiculous? What's the next thing? Bumblebees, butterflies, ants?"

Made aware of the mail delivery problem, Canada Post said that stopping delivery of mail because of a spider web didn't meet agency standards.

"Health and safety is a pretty serious matter for Canada Post, but spider webs certainly do not fall into those hazards," said agency spokeswoman Lori Lancaster.

Lancaster noted that the phobic employee was a replacement carrier filling in for a regular.

Canada Post is keen on maintaining worker safety and advises employees to make supervisors aware of potential hazards, she said. But the carrier in question was "obviously overzealous."

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