Pimp Mafia Wars 2 for a chance to become an in-game character

Mafia Wars 2 character
Mafia Wars 2 character

Now that the hype for Zynga's upcoming Mafia Wars 2 has officially hit a fever pitch, the developer wants you to promote the upcoming sequel on your Facebook profile. Of course, there's something in it for you: If you choose to do it, you might be immortalized in the game as a permanent character. The contest asks you to change your profile picture to that of one the game's recently-revealed characters.

If you're interested in becoming an shill ambassador of sorts for the game, just head over to its Facebook page right here. Then, choose what character portrait you want to change your profile image to, and finally submit your email address to enter.

Remember to right-click on the image that appears to save it, then upload it to your Facebook profile. Yes, you'll have to give up your precious email, but I'd be more worried about the questions you'll get from your friends regarding your ... animated makeover.

Once you're done entering the contest, look out on the Mafia Wars 2 Facebook page for a post that reads, "Comment now for your chance to become a Mafia Wars 2 character!" Then, the rest is up to chance, it seems. Zynga hasn't given an exact time for when this News Feed post will appear, so "Liking" the fan page might help your chances of successfully entering. It's funny how companies like the big Z get you to do these things, isn't it?

Do you plan on entering this new Mafia Wars 2 contest? If you were to become a permanent character in the game, what role would you like him or her to play? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.