House of the Day: Room for a Collection of Cars -- or Buses

For some tycoons there may come a time when collecting cars -- as relatively limited in super-model capacity and money-flaunting value as they are -- gets old. The Maserati that used to give you that tingling feeling just doesn't anymore. And your cavalcade of Hummers? Well, that's got all those tree-hugging environmentalists breathing their granola-scented breath down your neck.

So what's next? How to fill that now-gaping void inside?

Gallery: See this Lake Tahoe Compound With a Collector's Garage

The answer is buses. Collect buses.

And that's what one mammoth garage sited on a lakefront Tahoe estate -- recently listed for $49.9 million -- will allow you to do. Stretching across 12,000 square-feet, the underground two-story garage (accessible by a 12-by-60-foot elevator) can accommodate nine full-size buses, allowing magnates to re-live the magic of amassing vehicles with prices comparable to, say, a week's supply of food at your run-of-the-mill refugee camp.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg with this 4.3-acre property located in Incline Village, Nev. Punctuating a landscape comprised of aspens, maples and pine trees -- snaked through by a network of paths -- along with a 90,000-gallon man-made waterfall, three houses command 330 feet of total shoreline, complete with two docks and two buoys (to accommodate a few lucky picks out of your collector's armada -- which hasn't grown old yet).

If you're thinking that three full-size houses and a warehouse for a garage is a tad excessive for one property -- if not downright pointless -- the brokerage is on top of it: They're also willing to sell the estate piecemeal, which they can do because it actually spans five parcels that previous owner and Commerce One co-founder Tom Gonzales collected (along with cars -- or maybe buses) over the years.

We'll let the press release do the talking:

"The individual parcels include the Park View House ($6.9 million), a 4,277-square-foot home with 29 feet of lake frontage and a private entrance from Pine Cone Circle. The Main House is located on one acre and boasts 10,695 square feet, seven bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms for $14.9 million. The Lakeview House is offered for $9.3 million and is situated on half an acre with 63 feet of lake frontage. A buildable lot with 100 feet of sandy beach and private pier is available for $9.9 million and the Carriage House with collector's garage is offered for $8.9 million."
Donovan Group of Chase International Real Estate has the listing.

Click on the pictures below to see some other homes in Incline Village, Nev. that rival this home's shock-and-awe punch. (All are so impressive that they have their own names.):

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