Pioneer Trail Greenhouse Goals: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail Greenhouse
Pioneer Trail Greenhouse

Zynga has just released a new Pioneer Trail goal -- the Greenhouse -- that's best described by a player as "a TARDIS for crops" in more ways than one. For those who don't get the Doctor Who reference, I'd also say it's like the previously released FrontierVille Orchard.

Looking at the screenshot on the right, I can vaguely see how the Greenhouse resembles a time-traveling police box. But that's not where the resemblance ends, because once completed, your new Greenhouse will allow you to plant more crops. Even though it looks like a 3x3 building on the outside, it's actually a 6x6 building on the inside.

So what's the catch? Well, you won't be able to do this goal unless you're Level 13 or above. Also, like most goals, you'll need to collect a lot of stuff in order to build it. For the following items, you'll need to make Facebook Wall posts to get 10 of each: Mulch, Plant Food, and Ladybugs. The next set of required items are ones you've got to ask your friends for by sending them requests, and you'll need 15 of each: Insulating Glass, Sturdy Frame, and Irrigation System.

Pioneer Trail Finish Your Greenhouse
Pioneer Trail Finish Your Greenhouse

The upside though, is that once you finish your Greenhouse, and complete the four quests that go along with it, you'll unlock three new crops: Carrots, Grapes, and Watermelons. Watermelons are prized because they've got a harvest period of five days. Your crops will also be safe from Groundhogs during that time, and your neighbors can come by to tend those crops.

Pioneer Trail Greenhouse crops
Pioneer Trail Greenhouse crops

Time to Flex That Green Thumb!

  • Place the Greenhouse

  • Harvest 50 Clover

  • Clear 15 Debris on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Reward: 250XP, 250 Coins, Hanging Plant

Record-Breaking Crops!

  • Collect the Daily Bonus from the Greenhouse

  • Have or collect 50 Poultry Puddin'

  • Collect ten bottles of Buttermilk

  • Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, Carrots Unlocked!

It's Carrotastic!

  • Harvest 40 Carrots in your Greenhouse or on your Homestead

  • Harvest 15 Crops on Neighbors' Homestead or in their Greenhouse

  • Collect 15 Fish Heads

  • Reward: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, Grapes Unlocked

A Grape Escape!

  • Harvest 40 Grapes in your Greenhouse or on your Homestead

  • Tend 30 Adult Cows

  • Collect 10 rays of Country Sunshine

  • Reward: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, Watermelon Unlocked

Pioneer Trail Greenhouse Collection
Pioneer Trail Greenhouse Collection

Finally, completion of the Greenhouse unlocks a new Collection that delivers a Big Wither Protection Boost, which prevents all your crops from dying. The Collection items are Butterflies, Mister, Garden Bunny, Gardening Glove, and Gardening Tape.

But there are players who believe the Greenhouse is poorly planned, and they have a point. Three of the four Greenhouse Goals ask you to plant 40 crops within the Greenhouse or on your Homestead. But the Greenhouse only has room for 36, therefore, leaving four that must be planted outside to fulfill the quest. There are also complaints that the first item you're forced to plant is the Clover, which is one of the earliest crops for a beginner. It would have been better if the game allowed players to get started with planting and harvesting the new unlockable crops right away instead.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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