FarmVille: Earn a free Monkey for playing Adventure World


Apparently, the 19 million people already playing Adventure World isn't enough for Zynga, as the two teams behind FarmVille and Adventure World have teamed up in a new cross-promotion, aiming to get people to try out the company's newest game for more than just a few minutes. To be specific, the next time you login to FarmVille, you'll likely receive a pop-up letting you know of the new promotion. Note: the pop-up will likely have a broken image on it; apparently the FarmVille team didn't test the pop-up before pushing it live. The text, however, is intact.

The rules of this cross-promotion are simple: you'll just need to follow the in-game link to Adventure World and reach Level 5 before October 5. If you can accomplish that, you'll receive a free FarmVille Monkey. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned broken image, we can't see exactly what this (hopefully cute) monkey looks like, but the fact that he's available for free makes me want him either way (I'd imagine I'm not alone).

If you've yet to try Adventure World, make sure to check out our many guides for the game's Expeditions and story quests, so that you can level up to that Level 5 milestone as quickly as possible. For everyone else, who is already a Level 5 Adventurer, you'll only need to sit tight and wait for your prize to arrive next month.

Will you play Adventure World just to receive a free FarmVille Monkey? Let us know in the comments.