Adventure World Mountain Quests: Everything you need to know

After making your way through the Deep Jungle in Adventure World, and successfully retrieving the Monkey Idol, you'll unlock the ability to head up the mountain in - you guessed it - Mountain quests. You're going after the Bird Idol here, but you'll have some steep requirements to meet before you can leave Base Camp on the trek. You'll need to collect 20 each of Food, Fuel and Water, and will need to gather six friends to help you out on this quest. Technically, their job will be to "pull you up the mountain elevator," so they must be gathered before you're allowed to start on this quest for the Bird Idol. They can also be used while on the quests, giving you three free energy for each friend.

Once you begin, there's no time limit associated with these Quests, unlike the time limits found in Expeditions, so don't feel the need to rush through. Take your time with completing these quests and you'll get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of rewards. Here's a complete guide to doing just that.

Main Quests on the Mountain

Recover the Bird Idol Part 1

  • Get the Box of TNT

  • Get the Fuse Cord

  • Get the Detonator

These three items are scattered about the map, and are guarded by a new kind of enemy: the Ram. By simply exploring the various "islands" or cliffs in this map (they look more like islands, if you ask me), you'll come across these three items on your own, but can always click on the "Show Me" button within the quest window to be shown exactly where they lie.

Recover the Bird Idol Part 2

  • Set the TNT Below the Cliff

Once you've defeated Papa Cliff Jumper and have gathered all of the materials for your TNT bundle, you can place it in the highlight on your map, at the very top end. There's a Ram up here guarding the path, so keep that in mind.

Recover the Bird Idol Part 3

  • Use the Plunger to Blast a Path!

  • Recover the Bird Idol

The Plunger is found past a rock that must be blown up with dynamite (see the screenshot above), which can be purchased back at Base Camp for 1,000 coins. It's a single-use item, so you'll have to purchase one each time you want to use dynamite on a map. Once you've used the Plunger, you'll have to fight one last Ram before finding the Bird Idol on the platform you've just formed.

Recover the Bird Idol Part 4

  • Return to Base Camp

  • Place the Bird Idol

Unlike last time (when recovering the Monkey Idol), once you collect the Bird Idol on the top of the cliff, you really will be done (no secret cave this time around). You'll just need to head home and place it outside the entrance to El Dorado to be completely finished.

Mountain Side Quests

Society Work

  • Get 10 Jade Vases

  • Get 5 Ruby Vases

  • Get 2 Azure Skulls from Hidden Caves

  • Get a Ram Horn Grip from the Mountaineer Collection

The Mountaineer Collection items drop from any Mountain map, including this one, so as you complete tasks, you might be lucky enough to come across enough collectibles to turn this one in (the Ram Horn Grip is the prize) before everything is said and done. As for the Ruby & Jade Vases (especially Jade Vases), they're scattered around the map as you might expect, hidden behind trees or under clouds, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the map to find them all. As an example, you'll be able to find four Jade Vases on the very first "island" you start the Mountain quests on. As for the Azure Skulls, the Hidden Caves are found under "Blooming Bushes," which are small areas of ground cover, the size of a regular bush, with white flowers on top. Once you interact with these bushes, they'll disappear, revealing a ladder into the cave. Here, you'll find Red Vases as well. Check out the screenshots below for the locations of both Hidden Caves, and an example of what you'll see when entering one.

A couple of notes: First, ignore Fluffy the Ewe in the below screenshot - she is a "lost animal" that may not appear in this particular location in your own game, and shouldn't be used as a place marker. Second, if you don't happen to find a Ram Horn, you don't technically have to to complete this entire mission and recover the Bird Idol. You can skip this quest and simply head back to Base Camp and place the Idol in its place.

Butting Heads

  • Defeat four Rams

  • Defeat Papa Cliff Jumper!

The four Rams are scattered around the map (check out the screenshot above), while Papa Cliff Jumper is found at the top end of the map, next to the Detonator you need for the first story mission in this area. He has 12 hit points, and he takes away two energy points each time he hits you, so it might take you a while to whittle him down, depending on how much you've upgraded your whip.

On the Rocks

  • Break five Small Rocks

  • Break five Medium Rocks

  • Break three Big Rocks

  • Use Dynamite

A single use of Dynamite is available to purchase for 1,000 coins in your Tool Shop back in Base Camp. As for the 13 rocks, you'll find them blocking your path between islands, or blocking your path between collectibles like vases, so you shouldn't have any problem finding the ones you need. If you do need one or more of a particular kind of rock, remember to hit the "Show Me" button in the quest window to see the camera zoom to a rock's location. As for the dynamite, you'll find a rock on your path after finding the Fuse Cord that must be blown up for you to proceed, and another as you reach the top of the map.

Bird Watching

  • Investigate Rare Birds

  • Investigate Exotic Eggs

  • Investigate Bird Nests

Just like the Vases and rocks, these Birds, Nests, and Eggs are scattered around the map, normally blocked by some kind of obstacle, whether that be a trap, bush, thorn, or rock (as examples). The nests are found in similar areas, but they blend in incredibly well (that is, they look almost identical to thorns), so keep a lookout for things that look like the item in the square below.

Once you finish all of these goals, you will have successfully retrieved the Bird Idol, and will be at the halfway point for opening El Dorado itself, back on Base Camp. We'll make sure to let you know how to recover the other two idols, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of these Mountain / Bird Idol quests? Do you like it more than those quests for collecting the Monkey Idol? What sorts of adventures are you looking forward to next? Sound off in the comments.