Adventure World: New chapters revealed after El Dorado

While we all know that Zynga's newest game, Adventure World, starts out as a quest to solve the mystery of El Dorado by gathering the Mastery Key and four totems, did you know that the game is far from over after this first mission is complete? That's right, after solving the mystery of El Dorado, Zynga announced that we'll be taken through Chapters 2 and 3 of the game (each likely as lengthy as the first - or longer).

While there's no way to guarantee when each user will make their way to these newest chapters individually, we do know their locations, thanks to a screenshot posted by the big Z on the game's Facebook fan page. Chapter 2 takes us to Egypt, where we'll solve the "Riddle of the Sphinx." Meanwhile, Chapter 3 is set in Tibet, where the "Mystery of the Yeti" waits to be solved.

Unfortunately, while we also know that Indiana Jones will showing up in the game next month, we haven't been told how great of an impact he will have on these two Chapters, if at all. It could be that we'll need to wait until Chapter 4 and beyond to see Indy come into the actual story of the game, depending on how far ahead the team at Zynga had developed the game before making this announcement.

Either way, we'll make sure to bring you continued coverage on the quests, expeditions and story missions in Adventure World, so keep checking back with us for more.

Are you excited to travel to Egypt and Tibet in Adventure World? How far have you made it in the story so far? Sound off in the comments.
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