People Tell Us What They'd Love To Say To Their Co-Workers

what people wish they could say to co-workersBy Alina Dizik, Special to CareerBuilder

It's no secret that co-workers may drive you nuts.

"At the office, even the littlest things can set you on edge when they happen every single day," says Kerry Miller, founder of, a humor blog that often highlights annoyed office workers. "You start to think your co-worker is typing extra loudly just to drive you crazy -- and then you go crazy stewing over it."

Since most people spend more time on the job than away from the office, it can be especially difficult to express the feelings that flare up -- without getting fired. Ever wish you could tell your co-workers exactly what you're thinking? We asked real people to vent about their co-workers and they did. Their real feelings may surprise you, which is why they've asked to keep some anonymity. Read on to get an inside glimpse of what your co-workers are thinking:

Escaping office annoyances

"Please, for the love of God stop playing this music for the entire office. No one else likes it. No one else cares about your flashback stories to the months you spent following rock bands. It's super annoying and the year is 2011; your hippie days are long gone. Also, your laptop has a little spot just for your headphones, not sure if you knew."

- Jessica M., Chicago

"Leave me alone and stop bothering me via all possible electronic mediums. I know what I'm doing and can do it better and quicker than you, but I cannot do it if you are constantly in my face. No one likes a micromanager, so we'll all be better off if you just let me do my job."

- Cari B., marketing associate

"Every time something doesn't work with your computer, please don't start taking to it. No one wants to hear you ramble. What you may not realize is that the only thing not working is your head."

- Eugene K., Chicago

Manners matter

"Next time there's a team dinner, why don't you join us? Whatever else you're doing isn't as important as keeping up project morale."

- James D, San Francisco

"To the guy a couple of cubes down, please stop clipping your nails at your desk. It's so gross. Don't you have time at home?"

- Brie G., news editor

Break the bad work habits

"Team, get your butts up in the morning and get to work early. It's time you accept discipline in your life and become professionals. You don't have any good excuses. I want to see the effort and ambition or the next person in line will take your seat."

Jordan P., sales manager

"I can tell which of you were in band or theater in high school. We know you like to be the center of attention. Showoffs!"

- Brie G., news editor

"I'm sorry that you're stuck training me, but how can you not understand that the better and nicer you train me, the quicker I will learn, be self-sufficient and stop asking questions? So get off your high horse, spend 10 minutes on some training materials, and we'll all walk away happy."

- Sabrina B., marketing associate

"Your outrageous misogyny and borderline sexual harassment is unconscionable. My name isn't 'toots' or whatever nickname you've decided on for this week to further dehumanize me. Don't wink at me; it doesn't inspire kinship, it just makes you creepy. Stop staring at women's legs. News flash: They can see you. And stop assuming that my male counterpart is better at the job than I am simply because he's a man.

- Christine K., New York

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