'Charlie's Angels' Crew Member Fired After Smacking Minka Kelly's Butt

Hell hath no furry like an Angel scorned -- or something like that.

A crew member working on the ABC television show "Charlie's Angel's" was fired this week for slapping actress Minka Kelly on the butt.

The male worker reportedly was holding a $100 bill when he struck Kelly's bum, TMZ.com reports. There were also reports that Kelly retaliated by slapping the offender back, but the celebrity-gossip website says those reports were erroneous.

Citing sources connected to the production and with ABC, TMZ reports that a man did indeed slap Kelly, and she responded by telling him, "Please don't ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again."

TMZ notes that ABC has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment. So when ABC executives learned of the incident, the crew member was immediately banned from the set and subsequently fired.

The incident wasn't the first involving the fired crew member, BusinessInsider reports.

Sexual harassment in the workplace -- from inappropriate language to unwanted physical interaction -- is something that most women have to deal with at some point, notes the Morton Report. The site offers these tips on dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Don't laugh it off or pretend it's not happening. If recurring situations make you uncomfortable, have the backbone to tell the person to cut it out.
  • Take the conversation to HR, if talking doesn't do the trick. They might be able to speak with the person in question in hopes of curbing the creepiness.
  • Don't feel guilty if the creep gets fired for creeping. Job loss resulting from sexual harassment isn't your fault.

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