Twitter Ghostwriter Haunts Former Boss While He 'Sleeps'

Okay, seriously. How do I look? Friendly, right? Some people enjoy the instant interaction with peers that the social media platform Twitter provides. Others, it seems, are content to let others "tweet" their messages for them, hiring virtual ghostwriters, if you will, to get the latest message out to followers.

And for Mark Davidson (pictured), at least, that has been a good thing -- until now. As New York magazine explains, the self-described "Internet sales & marketing professional" had his Twitter account taken over by someone who claimed to be "one of three people who have been ghostwriting @markdavidson's tweets for the last 4 years while he is out playing golf."

Davidson's account boasts 56,000 followers -- a pretty heady number in Twitterland. But it appears those followers were attracted by the efforts of Davidson's ghostwriters, wrote the disgruntled tweeter, who claims to have been fired Wednesday.

Feeling more than a little vindictive, the scorned tweeter advised Davidson's followers that his former boss may not be worthy of their attention. More from New York magazine:

"He isn't that nice and he is cheap. I regret not quitting." It went on: "He can barely type social media much less know what it is." ... "Good luck, bro," the ornery imposter added before signing off for the night. "And change your freakin' password!"

The last of the tweets ended about 5 a.m. Eastern time (Davidson's Twitter profile notes his location as Orange County, Calif.).

But someone resumed tweeting at about 12:30 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday, advising, "Oh. I am so not dealing with this **** today. My only responsibility on this account is to respond to *all* @replies and @mentions. I quit."

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