FarmVille Cow Pasture: Everything you need to know

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A fifth breeding building has started rolling out in FarmVille, and this newest animal habitat comes in the form of the Cow Pasture. Yes, I know we all probably have plenty of Dairy Farms on our farms to store cows (note: with the launch of this feature, Dairy Farms are no longer available for purchase in the market), but with these new buildings, we'll have a chance to store and breed cows even without bulls, by simply having one of a particular animal inside it. Of course, you'll need to first build your Cow Pasture before you can use it, so let's get straight into the guide.

The Cow Pasture requires 30 ingredients: 10 each of Hay Bundles, Stones and Tin Sheets. Unfortunately, these Stones are the same items you'll need to continue to repair the cove in Lighthouse Cove, so you'll need to once again decide which item is more important at the time: building this Cow Pasture, or repairing the Cove. Once the Cow Pasture is built, you'll be able to store 20 different Cows inside (perhaps you'd like to fill it with some cows that were re-released this evening). You'll also receive a free Irish Moiled Cow for completing it.

What makes this Cow Pasture different than other animal habitats is that you'll breed calves, rather than duplicate animals of those placed inside your Cow Pasture. With this comes the announcement that Calf and Foal mastery is "coming soon," so you'll want to have as many of these calves appear on your land as possible to prepare for that. While that may not give you a chance to easily stock up on fully grown Cows, I suppose you could place these extra calves in your Nursery Barn in the hopes that they eventually grow up.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Grow Up" button on your new Calves to grow them manually into adults by paying Farm Cash. Yes, this feature only costs Farm Cash and is currently unavailable for coins. The only positive that comes with this is that you won't need to collect Animal Feed, and can then use your excess Feed on the many, many babies you probably already have on your land.

For the record, it doesn't look like this Cow Pasture will do anything to your existing Dairy Farms, so feel free to keep those on your farm for easy storage of existing Cows on your farm(s).

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What do you think of the Cow Pasture feature? Are you looking forward to calf and foal mastery? Sound off in the comments.