Psychics Prosper as Economic Fears Attract New Clients

In this challenging economy, when U.S. unemployment is far too high and our national and personal bank balances are much too low, one profession that continues to thrive -- and perhaps even benefit from all the uncertainty -- is psychics. According to Penelope, a "hands on healer and psychic medium" who charges $125 for an hour session, she has seen an increase in male customers amid these hard times.

"I do think that [men] are more open now because I feel that they don't know where to go to get direction at this point," she says. "You're not going to your mortgage broker or your banker or your investment person for guidance because nobody really knows what's going to happen, everything's unstable. So they're looking for outside things, to have an edge, to understand the market conditions. There's all different variables for them."

To learn more, DailyFinance met with Penelope and Jeffrey Wands, a psychic who has assisted with national searches for missing children and who counts celebrities among his clients. He charges $175 for 30 minutes.

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