FarmVille Mystery Game (09/18/11): Livestock animals come to the farm

In tonight's FarmVille update, we see a new round of animals hit the Mystery Game, with this week's theme (understandably) revolving around the new Livestock Pen released just last week. That means that for the price of 20 Farm Cash per dart, you can play this week's game to walk away with six (potentially seven) animals that can be stored, and subsequently bred (if you're lucky) inside that very Livestock Pen.

Here's the rundown of this week's animals:

Arapawa Island Pig
Barbados Sheep
Berkshire Pig
Dutch Landrace Goat
Girgentana Goat
Valais Goat

While you're not guaranteed to receive all six of these animals in the first six darts you throw, keep in mind that if you can manage to "win" all six during this week's game (again, that will be an incredibly pricey endeavor, even if you're really lucky), you'll walk away with a seventh, free prize: the Clun Forest Sheep.

Remember, these animals will only be around a single week. Whether or not they'll ever be re-released is anyone's guess (although, I will admit the possibility is likely), so if you don't want to wait to see if that possibility comes true, make sure to try your hand at this week's Mystery Game while you can.

Which of these prizes would you most want to win by playing this week's Mystery Game? What animals did you actually win? Share with us in the comments!