CityVille: Playa del Rey Apartments add plenty of population at a high price

As tends to be the case with limited edition item themes in CityVille, the current Mexican theme of items has received a new, limited edition residential building by the name of the Playa del Rey Apartments. These apartments cost a whopping 75 City Cash to add to your town, but are highly detailed, with tons of architectural interest, and even some palm trees (you know, if the way your town looks matters as much as the stats themselves).

Once you purchase the Playa del Rey Apartments, you'll have a house with a starting population of 2,350 residents, that can be expanded through random boosts all of the way up to 4,350 citizens. You'll earn 451 coins in rent every day, if you remember to collect from it, and you might even be able to place this one in your apartment-centric Neighborhood, if the folks at Zynga remembered to program that option in (we're working on discovering if that's the case).

Remember, as this one is limited edition, your opportunity to purchase one will only be around for the next 11 days. After that point, it's likely we'll see a new limited edition item theme launch in the store, with its own set of expensive housing units, and we may never see this one again. Shop now if you really want it.

Will you purchase a Playa del Rey Apartments for your town? How much is too much for a business or residence in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.