What Kind Of Videos Do Americans Watch At Work? [Infographic]

64% of Americans watch videos at workOf those with access to the Internet, a majority of Americans -- 64 percent -- watch videos online while at work, a recent survey found.

What's more, men are much more likely to watch videos at work than women -- 53 percent to 34 percent, respectively, according to the poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

The survey also showed that 74 percent of respondents believe that mobile devices prompt workers to surf the Internet for content that they otherwise wouldn't access on their work-issued computer.

Results showed:

  • 52 percent - Look for another primary job.
  • 47 percent - Visit an online dating website.
  • 46 percent - Look for a side job.
  • 37 percent - Research an embarrassing illness/condition.
  • 33 percent - Shop for lingerie/underwear.
  • 20 percent - Investigate plastic surgery options.

Another finding -- that's likely distressing to employers -- is that only 9 percent of those polled believe employees are "very aware" of the toll that watching online videos on their personal mobile devices may take on the speed and bandwidth of their company's wireless network, frequently the means by which online content is accessed.

Check out these and other findings from the 2011 Harris Interactive poll below:

What kinds of videos do Americans watch at work?
Infographic by: Wistia

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