Emmy Special: 'Boardwalk Empire' Real Estate

boardwalk empire
boardwalk empire

With everyone's favorite Joisey crime drama, "Boardwalk Empire," scoring mega-director Martin Scorsese his first Emmy on Sunday, expectations are high for the prohibition-era series' new season. A big part of what critics and fans have lauded the show for is its meticulous re-creation of the decadent (and dangerous) environs of old Atlantic City. Ah, for the cut-throat days of yore, when bootleggers and mobsters were the only undesirables prowling the AC boardwalk. Now there are Snookies and spray tans to contend with.

In anticipation of the new season, which premieres Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO, take a look at some choice listings in Atlantic City today. If you squint, you can almost catch a glimpse of its bygone glory days.