3 Things To Avoid Before The Big Interview

interview preparation tipsWe have all read reports on the political prisoner who fasts to protest something -- no food, just water -- a hunger strike just to make a point. There are some of you who fast to cleanse your system and some who fast or deny yourselves certain niceties for religious reasons. The fast, or self-denial, can help one focus on priorities, to improve, prepare and to get closer to ourselves or our maker. Call me crazy, but can we use the same approach to prepare for an important interview? I believe we can and offer the following three "fasts" to consider.

When you have an important interview scheduled, you may want to consider eliminating these three things from your daily living:

1. Unhealthy Foods

Don't you feel better when you eat less? Eliminate heavy foods and sweets, focus on a healthy diet and you may find that you not only feel better about yourself, but have a clearer head, as well as that spark of confidence that may be the thing that puts you over the top.

2. News

It is 24/7 and is a business vying for your attention, with information that will keep you watching. And it is bad news we hear over and over and over -- on cable, on network, on the Internet, the radio, down the hall, at the water fountain -- ENOUGH! You are about to present yourself for an opportunity that may change your life for the positive. You DO NOT want to be thinking about problems of others while you prepare. When you drive, listen to music. When you're home, don't turn on the TV. Instead, spend quiet time alone or in conversation with a family member. Either will help you get ready for the interview and, in the end, could help you get the job.

3. Alcohol

Need I say more? When you are in an interview cycle, stop drinking. You need a clear head and it just makes sense to prepare with some abstinence. It won't hurt and will just make the celebration when you get the job that much more fun.

With these three simple fasts you likely are putting yourself ahead of the the pack. And who knows, you may find that by doing without unhealthy foods, an overdose of news and too much alcohol, your life might be better and you may start "interview fasting" all the time.

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