Will LeBron Take Heat for 'Take a Sheet' Ad Campaign?

LebronThe Price of Fame enjoys a clever poop pun as much as anyone, but have the LeBron James-backed Sheets Energy Strips committed a foul in their ad campaign?

Posters (see below) for the dissolving dose of caffeine and vitamins have popped up featuring a sexy swimmer chirping, "I Take a Sheet in the Pool," a librarian confiding, "I've Taken a Sheet at the Library" and other workers declaring they use the calorie-free tongue treat on the job. Coinciding with video spots such as the one featured on Sheets' website, the company hopes to complete a fast break on the get-up-and-go supplement market. And it has an all-star team behind it, including rappers Pitbull and Drake, and New York Knick Amar'e Stoudemire.

Advertising slam dunk or air ball? Tell us what you think.


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