House of the Day: A Fortress to Stare Down Disaster

As Hurricane Irene reminded us recently, she and her peers' gale-force winds and torrential rains occasionally reach far up the Eastern Seaboard. But regardless of whether they take some New Englanders by surprise, there's one thing that the tropical storms rarely seem to do: spare Southern states. This $23 million palatial home in Charleston, S.C., reflects this fact like a Tiffany gem -- with its near-surfeit of disaster and security protections.

Among them: an auto-launching John Deere diesel generator, complete with an intermediary system designed to provide electricity for the moments following power loss; "redundant" pumping stations that convey all excess water and septic waste into the city sewer system; an intercom telephone in every room; and an integrated fire and security system.

The idea is, we suppose, that no magnate can truly feel like he is a king without feeling like he lives in a fortress. Once he has this assurance, what does he look for next?

How about nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, your typical over-the-top specialty rooms and awesomely novel ones, like a "gift-wrapping" room and "servant's break room" (you know, for some rest from all that gift wrapping).

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House of the Day: A Fortress to Stare Down Disaster

Speaking of gift-wrapping rooms (sort of), is "servant" PC?

Douglas Berlinsky of Disher Hamrick and Myers has the listing.

Click on the pictures below to see some other lookers we've found in Charleston, S.C.:

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