Game of the Day: Madpet Half-Pipe

mad pet half pipe game of the day
Help the Madpets tear up the half-pipe in this cute skateboarding game. Choose between cute foxes, pigs, bunnies, and more. Then select between Free Ride, Challenge, or Big Air; and you're ready to hit the pipe. Think you've mastered the half-pipe and have what it takes to be a pro skater? Then open up the combo list and attempt some of the more advanced tricks. Complete them all and you've earned yourself a place amongst the best of the Madpet skaters.

Click here to play Madpet Half-Pipe!
madpet half pipe game of the daymadpet half pipe game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • To execute the harder tricks, press the combo buttons at the same time, that way your pet won't preemptively do a different trick.
  • Practice in free mode before attempting challenge and big air. That way you can learn some of the higher scoring tricks before taking them to competition.
  • Even if your trick looks as though it has completed by the time you land, if you cut it close, often your pet will fall and lose all momentum. Play it safe and finish your tricks well before the landing.

Click here to play Madpet Half-Pipe!

What did you think of Madpet Half-Pipe? Were you able to execute all the tricks?
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