Empires & Allies Red Tide Rising Goals: Everything you need to know

Empires Allies Red Tide Rising
Empires Allies Red Tide Rising

It looks like our very own little Cold War is about to erupt in Empires & Allies, as Zynga has introduced new Goals to the game to coincide with the Red Tide Rising item event. This long, limited edition series of a whopping seven Goals will send you on a hunt for the mysterious Element Z that ... doesn't seem to go much of anywhere. Hey, at least you'll score a sweet Tank and other rewards for your hard work. Here's everything you need to know about the Red Tide Rising Goals in E&A:

Come Together

  • Harvest from 8 Neighbor Farms

  • Revive 6 Neighbor Farms

  • Collect from 20 Neighbor Houses

This is all about visiting friends. In fact, considering each friend visit grants you five friendly actions, it will take at least six visitations to complete this Goal. And once you do, an EMP power-up awaits as your reward.

Come Together
Come Together

Capture Evidence

  • Collect 5 Defecting Scientists

In this simple Goal, all you need to do is ask your friends for this item, which we'd imagine you're all familiar with by now. Once you do, enjoy a free 1,000 Coins.

The More the Merrier

  • Have 2 New Friends Play E&A

Alright, now this is just downright mean. Apparently, it's up to you to be an ambassador for Zynga's strategy game. You must invite two friends who have yet to play E&A, so have fun with that. Hey, you could always just make two mock accounts, have them befriend your real one, install the game via an invite from the real account and finally delete them. But you didn't hear that from us. Your reward for this Goal is a limited edition Sputnik Statue.

Red Tide Rising items
Red Tide Rising items

Tooling Up

  • Have 10 Army Upgrades

  • Build 8 Army Units

  • Place 8 Army Units

To upgrade your Army or Land units, use the Army Research Lab (find out how in our guide right here). Then, the next two Goals are simple: Just build some throwaway units like Cadet Soldiers, which cost 100 Coins apiece, and place them. For completing these tasks, enjoy a free 100 Oil.

Release the Hounds

  • Use Upgraded Army Units to Destroy 22 Enemy Units

  • Use Upgrade Army Units to Inflict 1,000 Damage

This Goal doesn't dictate where exactly you have to destroy or damage said units, so try just entering a low-level Campaign battle and wreaking havoc on Captain Krunsch. You can also retreat from battles to avoid losing any of your precious upgraded Army units. This Goal, once completed, will reward you with 100 Wood.

Red Tide Rising items 2
Red Tide Rising items 2


  • Collect 5 Bomb Disposal Robots

This simple Goal requires that you ask friends for the Robots, so ask away and be done with it. You'll score another 1,000 Coins for completing this Goal.

Shared Meal!

  • Harvest 24 Red Onions

  • Harvest 12 Neighbors' Farms

  • Collect 250 Oil

To harvest 24 Red Onions, you will need a total of 9,216 Coins, and each crop takes 1 day and eight hours to complete. To harvest 12 Neighbor Farms, you will have to visit at least three friends. Your reward for completing this Goal is a limited edition Tank, the SU-122 with an impressive 200 Health.

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Have you started these new Russian-themed Goals yet? What do you think of the rewards at stake, and what tips might you have for completing these Goals even faster? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.