Adventure World Safari Showdown Expedition: Everything you need to know

By the time you reach Level 10 in Adventure World, you will have unlocked the first five Expeditions in the game, with this fifth Expedition being called Safari Showdown. This one comes with the tagline: "Face off with Queen Coral and move her nest to safety." While that may not do much to describe exactly what you'll be facing, you are told a few details about what to expect from the technical side of the things.

You'll need to have 450 Supplies to spare, along with two units each of Food, Fuel and Water. In terms of a time limit, you're limited to finishing this entire Expedition in a single 24 hour period. Your maximum rewards are 2,350 coins and 3 Food, on top of the XP and coins (among other items) you'll earn from simply completing the Quests therein. Here's a complete guide to finishing Safari Showdown from start to finish.

Stop Queen Coral!

Defeat the Queen Coral
Get Queen Coral's Eggs and Nest
Place Queen Coral's Eggs and Nest across the river

Apparently, a mama coral snake has formed a nest too close to a small village, and she's scaring the children. In this Expedition, your overall goal is to eliminate her from the area and move her next across the river where it can remain undisturbed and the children can go back to playing. Queen Coral's next is located in a fairly secure location, surrounded by shrubs and thorns. There are traps between you and she, and the snake itself has 12 hit points. Once you defeat the snake, you'll see the nest sitting nearby. It has three "points," so you'll need to eliminate those before you can pick it up. Finally, the bridge across the river is blocked by a boulder, requiring dynamite to remove. Dynamite costs 1,000 coins to purchase in the Tool Shop back in your Base Camp.

Find Them a New Home

Collect 5 Bundles of Grass
Plant 5 Bundles of Grass around the snake's new home

Since your ultimate goal is to remove the threat to the village by moving the nest across the river, you'll need to create a new home for the Queen Coral's nest by collecting and planting Bundles of Grass on this map. The bundles of grass can easily be mistaken for shrubs, so make sure to look for them at every corner. Meanwhile, the Bundles of Grass can be planted on the far side of the river, in the area clearly set aside as their new home.

Build Them a Sanctuary!

Collect 10 Cotton
Collect 4 Hardened Vines
Use 10 Soils Piles to build a fence around the snakes' new home

Of course, you're going to "remove" the snake and nest as harmlessly as possible, so you'll need to first make sure that the new home for these snakes is as comfortable as possible. After all, you wouldn't want the snakes to get bored and head back into the village, now would you? Vines themselves come from clearing out thorns (you tend to get around four hardened vines per thorn removed), while cotton is found in the far right side of the map, growing in a make-shift farm setup (apparently) by the villagers. I'm sure they won't mind you taking some of that cotton to build this new home, so long as it means they're free of the snakes. Finally, the Soil Piles are found around the outside edge of the marked area above. Here are some pictures of what you're looking for in this quest.

Once you finish these three tasks, you will have finished the fifth Expedition in Adventure World, and will be one step closer to fame and fortune within the Adventure Society. Good luck!

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