Real Estate Videos Go Hollywood

The Academy Awards may have to add a category: Best Short Film Starring a Real Estate Listing. Listing videos--which for years have been little more than visual tours of homes set to annoying music--have entered a new realm. They've gone Hollywood, right down to having a story line.

Eric Lavey, an agent with Keller Williams Realty, Beverly Hills, may be the Fellini of this new marketing genre. He produced a "movie short" about a Hollywood Hills listing, marketing it as a sizzling Hollywood Hills bachelor's home and reeled in (pardon the pun) a buyer in less than 30 days. What made his $969,000 listing different from all the others?

"That video," he says.

6816 Pacific View Drive, Hollywood Hills from Eric Lavey on Vimeo.

We tend to agree. He found a young director and scripted the story line for 1,732-square-foot mid-century home. A hunky guy comes home from work (we never really get a good look at his face, enabling viewers to imagine themselves in the role, says Lavey), washes up in the high-tech bathroom (note the fancy watch), and then fixes himself a martini in the built-in bar.

He moves outsides to fire up the grill and chats up someone on his cell. He leaves in his Lexus convertible (nice plug for the dealer) and goes on a nighttime cruise of one of L.A.'s hippest neighborhoods. The ending scene is back in the driveway where the man exits the car and sure enough, the passenger door opens to deposit his catch of the day. Sex sells, right?

Readers, what do you think? Would a video like this make you want to buy the house?

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