Building the Pioneer Trail Potting Shed: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail Potting Shed
Pioneer Trail Potting Shed

For releasing a brand new game complete with four massive maps worth of content, Zynga sure is focusing quite a lot of effort on our homesteads in Pioneer Trail. But rather than speculate on that, how's about we tell you just how to build this brand new feature to the game, the Potting Shed?

This new building, available to players Level 15 and higher, allows players to unlock two brand new crops and create a new item that's said to make planting crops far easier. The new feature is introduced through three new Goals that will slowly guide you through the Potting Shed's many features and eventually reward you with Cranberries and Pineapples to plant. Here's everything you need to know about the Potting Shed:

When you first log into the game, you will be greeted by a pop-up that explains that Granny has come down with the collywobbles (which is a real thing, mind you). Click on the "Let's Build" button to get started on creating your very own Potting Shed and this series of Goals.

A Cure For The Collywobbles

  • Place The Potting Shed

  • Clear 5 Rocks On Your Homestead

  • Collect 15 Ginger Ale

After placing the Potting Shed from that introductory pop-up, just click on five rocks to clear them. Then, the 15 Ginger Ale look like they're requested for through your friends. Once this simple Goal is complete, you'll score 250 XP and 250 Coins.

A Symbol Of Welcome

  • Craft 1 Multi-Planter

  • Clobber 5 Groundhogs

  • Collect 10 Pineapple Cuttings

The fastest way to clobbering five Groundhogs is to plant lots of Potatoes, which cost 90 coins and take four hours to harvest. The 10 Pineapple Cuttings seem to also come from friend requests, too. At this point, the Goals assume you've already built the Potting Shed, which, once placed, requires the following items to complete:

The top three items in the above image--10 Clay Pots, Bean Poles and Sittin' Stools--look to be sourced through general News Feed Posts, while the latter three seem to be found by asking friends for them directly. Once you've finished begging asking for the 75 items in total, click on the complete Potting Shed to open a brand new Crafting Bench.

Potting Shed Crafting 1
Potting Shed Crafting 2

Click on the images to make them larger.

This Multi-Planter requires several crafted items that are made through asking for the items above. For instance, you must ask for 15 Springs and 15 Pipes to make one Hinge Arm, which is required to make the Seed-O-Matic (along with one other item that's made in a similar fashion).

Then, that Seed-O-Matic and 15 Whirelygigs (found through asking even more friends) are used to craft the finished product, the Multi-Planter (pictured below). Once you finally finish this long and arduous Goal, 500 XP, 500 Coins and the Pineapples crop are yours.



  • Harvest 30 Pineapples

  • Clear 15 Debris On Your Homestead

  • Collect 15 Buckets Of Bog Water

Now, this final is somewhat simpler. Simply plant and harvest 30 Pineapples, though information on the exact stats of this new crop are unavailable to us as of this writing. Then, simply click around on 15 Debris. The 15 Buckets of Bog Water most likely come from asking your friends, as per usual.

This final Goal, once completed, will reward you with 750 XP, 750 Coins and the Cranberries crop. Now, enjoy your new crops and the ability to plant eight crops at once with the Multi-Planter.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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Have you already started on your Potting Shed? What tips do you have for completing these Goals, the new building and the Multi-Planter even more quickly? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.