Mother Fired After Taking Time Off To Give Her Son A Kidney -- Put Back On Salary

[UPDATE: Sept. 15] The Philadelphia aviation school has agreed to resume paying Claudia Rendon, the women the company fired last week for taking time off to donate one of her kidneys to her ailing son.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance has already filled Rendon's post, but has agreed to pay her salary until another position opens up, reports.

"We had time to reconsider," said Kyle Berry, the supervisor who fired Rendon. "It was simply a mistake."

Still, the gesture isn't the same as giving Rendon her job back, Berry conceded.

"No, it's according to our policy and procedure," Berry told the TV station.

Claudia Rendon has had a bad year. First, her mother passed away, and then her father was diagnosed with leukemia. Soon after, her uncle passed, and finally her son's kidneys failed.

When it came to this last tragedy, however, Rendon could do something about it. She donated one of her kidneys and saved her child's life. But when she tried to return to work after the ordeal, her family had to face another blow: her company had hired somebody else, reports Fox 29.