Cafe World Designing Lisa Goals: Everything you need to know

A new goal series has shown up on the official Cafe World forums, but I personally don't have it in my game yet. Does this mean the goals are unreleased, or could they just be on a slow rollout? Either way, here's a look at the Designing Lisa goal series in Cafe World, which may or may not require you to cook different dishes than those listed here. If you're skeptical, just use these as a sort of outline, and wait until the goals actually show up in your game to take them seriously.

Designing Lisa 1

Ask for 8 Cloth Swatches
Serve 10 BBQ Chicken
Ask for 8 Paint Sample Cards

Apparently, Lisa is an interior design student, and wants to practice some of her skills inside your cafe. You'll need to help her do just that by asking your friends for the Swatches and the Paint Sample Cards, along with cooking BBQ Chicken, which takes five hours to cook.

Designing Lisa 2

Serve 30 Corndogs
Purchase 3 New Tables
Purchase 3 New Chairs

It doesn't look to matter which table or chair type you purchase, so feel free to purchase the cheapest ones available. Meanwhile, Corndogs take just one hour to prepare.

Designing Lisa 3

Purchase 3 New Floor Tiles
Ask for 8 Blue Rotini
Ask for 8 Red Farfalle

Don't worry about ruining your flooring, chefs. As soon as you purchase these floor tiles (perhaps after you finish this goal), you'll be able to swap them back out for your original floor tiles. Again, it doesn't seem to matter which floor tile you purchase, so save some coins and go cheap. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Three-Color Pasta recipe for cooking in your cafe.

Designing Lisa 4

Serve Three-Color Pasta 12 Times
Ask for 6 Mixed Greens
Ask for 10 Dandelions

If you don't want to wait the six hours it takes Three-Color Pasta to cook, you can ask for these servings as well. For finishing this goal, you'll earn another new recipe: Dandelion Salad.

Designing Lisa 5

Purchase 3 New Wall Tiles
Serve 10 Kabayaki
Serve Dandelion Salad 40 Times

Kabayaki takes 12 hours to cook, but remember to bust out some spices or extra servings from your Gift Box if you're not in the mood to wait.

Designing Lisa 6

Ask for 10 Sea Scallops
Serve 16 Cranberry Casseroles
Ask for 8 Creme Fraiche

The Cranberry Casserole dish is earned by completing the Picnic at the Park catering order with a three star rating. It takes six hours to cook. Yet again, you'll be given a new recipe for completing this goal: Fancy Gourmet Sampler.

Designing Lisa 7

Serve Cup o' Joe 5 Times
Serve 12 Osso Bucco
Serve Fancy Gourmet Samplers 20 Times

The Osso Bucco takes 18 hours to cook. Meanwhile, you'll earn six servings of Cup o' Joe in a single preparation (costing nine energy), so just make it once and then serve five guests to finish that task off.

Designing Lisa 8

Buy any 3 Decor Items
Serve 45 Eggs Benedict
Master Dandelion Salad Through Level 1

Eggs Benedict takes six hours to cook. With this goal, you will have reached the end of the Designing Lisa series, but this one doesn't go out on a bang. That is, you aren't looking at another new recipe here; rather, just 3,000 coins and 300 Cafe Points.

And there you have it! A fairly standard goal series that will reward you with a couple of recipes for your time. There doesn't look to be a time limit on completing these goals, so feel free to finish that catering order or other goal series you're working on first.

What do you think of the Designing Lisa goals? Have they shown up in your cafe yet? Sound off in the comments.