Game of the Day: Bomboozle 2

bomboozle 2 game of the day
Match like-colored blobs together in groups of three or more to frantically collect oodles of points. If match you match five or more blobs, you'll receive a bomb to unleash carnage on a massive scale. But if you only match 3, a pesky skull will drop into play that can only be destroyed by one of those devastating bombs. Run out of possible moves though, and the fun's all over.

As you progress, you discover new blobs that make Bomboozle 2 even trickier. Fortunately, as you keep bursting blob chains, you'll fill up your power up meters located at the bottom of the boards. As you'll soon discover, these can be invaluable in a tight spot. So be sure to flip, rearrange, and explode your way out of trouble. There are a bunch of different ways to play Bomboozle, so choose a mode and have fun!

Click here to play Bomboozle 2!
bomboozle 2 game of the daybomboozle 2 game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Sure the bomb explosions are awesome, but don't over use them. If you ever see a combo of 4 or more, make that your next move rather than a bomb.
  • Try to save your bombs for when they are all within range of each other. That way when you do detonate a bomb, it will set off a chain reaction and clear the board.
  • Like bombs, don't use your power ups (located at the bottom of the board) too often. Save them up for when you really need them. For example, if you have a ton of skulls at the bottom of the board and a couple treasure chests at the top, that would be a great time to use the board flip power up.

Click here to play Bomboozle 2!

What do you think of Bomboozle 2? Were you able to clear the whole board?
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