Adventure World Mountain Pass Expedition: Everything you need to know

As you make your way through Adventure World, you'll eventually unlock the Mountain Pass Expedition. To be specific, this Expedition is the fourth you'll unlock, immediately after Jungle Run, and it requires quite a few items to begin. You'll need 250 Supplies, and two units each of Food, Fuel and Water. You can either collect these items from buildings in your own Base Camp, or by visiting your friends' camps and collecting them there. The maximum rewards for this Expedition are 1,050 coins and 1 Water (of course, in addition to all of the XP and coins you'll earn by simply playing through it). You have one day to finish the Expedition off, so let's take a look at what you'll need to do to do just that.

Once you start this particular Expedition, you'll find yourself on the top of a mountain, on a path that was destroyed by a landslide. You'll need to find a safer route through the area, along with completing some quests along the way.

Survey the Pass

Plant the First Trail Marker
Plant the Second Trail Marker
Plant the Third Trail Marker
Plant the Fourth Trail Marker

This is the main quest for this Expedition, and it sees you planting survey flags in flag stands scattered throughout this map. Remember, you can click on the "Show Me" button to have the camera automatically zoom to that particular stand, giving you a general idea of the direction you need to travel, but not showing you the exact path. To make matters more complicated, there are plenty of traps and clouds blocking your path / view of the land, so you'll need to take this one slowly to not miss anything along the way.

Clear the Pass

Disarm 2 Spear Traps
Clear 4 Bushes
Clear 4 Mountain Shrubs

This Expedition introduces us to a new kind of trap - the Spear Trap. These traps are identified by the gray square grates on the ground, which have spears shoot up from them periodically. The switch to then them off is a stone tablet that you'll find somewhere on the map. These tablets can be out in the open, as seen in the image below, or they can be covered up with vines, forcing you to click on any matching rock until you uncover the switch.

Make the Pass Safe

Defeat 4 Bushmaster Snakes

You won't earn this particular quest until you've already passed a few traps and placed a Trail Marker. Once you eventually find a snake, you'll be told to clear out any that you find, or enough to reach four and complete this quest. They appear freely on the map, and don't look to be those that "hide" in Bushes, so you'll know when you should be ready for a fight.

Once you finish this Expedition, you may or may not earn a mastery star, depending on how thoroughly you completed all of your tasks or cleared the map. Remember, if you repeat these Expeditions to earn more mastery points, your rewards will go up. You can learn more about Expedition mastery in our guide.

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Have you reached the Mountain Pass Expedition yet? What do you think of the new gameplay elements introduced via this Expedition? Sound off in the comments.