Tips for Interviews: Interviewing Etiquette [Infographic]

job interview etiquetteInterviewing for a new job is rarely easy, precisely because performing and behaving well likely means the difference between getting the job and not. After all, it's your resume that got you the interview to begin with, and if you blow the in-person Q & A, well that's just one less chip in your pile.

Preparing to be interviewed, however, can be daunting, precisely because you may not be aware of the kinds of questions that will be asked or how long the interview will take. Then there's what to wear. (We'll cover that next.)

That said, there are some things you can do to ensure you're as prepared as possible. First, do a little research to familiarize yourself with the hiring company and the person with whom you're interviewing.

Having some knowledge of the the firm and interviewer will help keep the ball rolling during lulls in the conversation, says Tamryn Hennessy, national director of career development at Rasmussen College, which has campuses in five states and offers courses online.

"If you are not prepared and you face a difficulty in an interview, it can really strip all of your confidence," leaving you less able to lead the conversation, Hennessy told AOL Jobs in an interview.

"The more you prepare in advance the more you will be able to regain your composure," she says, should you lose your train of thought while answering a question.

The college's office of career services also advises that job seekers boost preparedness by bringing along copies of their resumes and other pertinent papers and, of course, be on time. Leave early if you must to ensure promptness. And, be sure to silence your cellphone when you arrive -- merely placing your device on vibrate isn't enough.

To guarantee that you make the best impression possible during the interview, check out these and other etiquette tips compiled by Rasmussen College's placement experts.

Interview etiquette

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