Dunkin' Donuts Worker Caught Dumping Doughnuts In New Jersey Park

Dunkin Donuts employee caught dumping foodFans of Dunkin' Donuts who are curious about what happens to all the uneaten goods that don't get sold may be disappointed to learn that hundreds of them were winding up at a New Jersey lake.

It was a problem that had many locals in the Philadelphia suburbs of Collingswood, Haddon Township and Oaklyn, N.J., wondering who was leaving numerous bags of baked goods strewn across the dock at Newton Lake Park.

But local police have finally uncovered the identity of the "doughnut dumper" -- none other than an employee of the local Dunkin' Donuts franchise, who was nabbed by county park police last week, the Journal Register reports.

On Thursday, police say, they spotted Santosh Dey of Oaklyn dumping three trash bags of doughnuts and bagels, weighing about 50 pounds each, and charged him with violating a local ordinance that prohibits dumping food at the local park and feeding wildlife.

Dey reportedly told the arresting detective that he wanted to feed geese and wildlife in the park.

But in addition to food, the large green trash bags also contained used hairnets and other trash, the newspaper reports. Dey faces fines of as much as $150 plus court costs. Park police also planned to talk with the owner of the Dunkin' Donuts store where Dey has been employed.

Residents say the problem had been ongoing for two years. After a local weekly newspaper turned its focus on the matter last month, a tipster sent an email to police providing a description of the dumper and the vehicle that he was driving, along with other details. Park police set up surveillance and Dey was apprehended two days later.

Law enforcement officials praised the involvement of locals to help solve the mystery of the doughnut dumper, noting that police "depend on residents to make us aware when they see bad things happening so that we can respond."

News of this latest incident involving Dunkin' Donuts follows recent reports of the settlement of sexual harassment lawsuit filed by federal regulators against a franchise in New York state and a Rockaway, N.J., shop where a night-shift cashier was arrested on prostitution charges during a sting after she was observed going to customers cars for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

It's unclear what's leading to all this bad behavior. We only hope it isn't caused by eating the doughnuts.

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