Nurse Dubbed 'The 41-Year-Old Virgin' Sues NYU

A middle-age virgin is a somewhat amusing premise. For a movie. Not for a repeated workplace joke. A longtime pediatric nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center claims her coworkers - doctors, nurses, and secretaries -- relentlessly teased and harassed her, some dubbing her the "41-year-old virgin," a reference to the 2005 Judd Apatow comedy "The 40 Year Old Virgin." Now she is suing the school for $45 million for failing to keep her medical records private, reports the New York Post.

According to the lawsuit, Kristen Haight endured the mockery of her peers, including pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wisoff, who particularly enjoyed the movie reference and told Haight that sex was "like petting something furry for the first time."

Haight was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007, a condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other parts of the body, usually the abdominal cavity, and can result in back and pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, and difficulty becoming pregnant. An estimated 5.5 million American women will be affected by endometriosis, according to eMedicineHealth.

Concerned that the news would only fuel the workplace taunts, Haight begged staffers to keep her medical records private, something that should already be guaranteed by law. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. After Haight had surgery, everyone in the office allegedly knew the intimate details of her condition, and many urged her to get pregnant, given her increased risk of infertility.

The lawsuit further claims that supervisors ordered her to take sick leave, and then fired her. The reason why she was fired is unclear, but the illegal and unethical breach or privacy, if Haight's allegations are correct, is not.

NYU Langone Medical Center said that it would be inappropriate to comment on pending litigation.

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