FarmVille Mystery Game (09/11/11): Aviary animals take flight for one week only

You have to hand it to the FarmVille team at Zynga - when they release a new feature in FarmVille (in this case the Aviary), they are quick to release plenty of animals to fill it. That idea has been carried into this week's Mystery Game, as seven birds are available in the now regular setup of "win all six regular animals, and you'll win a free prize."

To be specific, the six available birds contain those that we gave you a sneak peek of earlier, along with a cute chubby yellow bird that is easily one of the cutest animals I've ever seen in the game. Here's a complete list of the available birds:

Blue Sumatra Rooster
Araucana Chicken
Dabbler Duck
Ancona Duck
Sebastopol Goose
Orpington Chicken

Each dart for this week's game costs 20 Farm Cash, and while you may end up having to pay more than 120 Farm Cash to earn all six of the above birds, if you can complete the collection, you'll receive the Black Necked Swan as a free gift. Actually, the word "free" doesn't really fit here, after all of the Farm Cash you've spent to earn the Swan, but I digress. She'll be there waiting for you, if you want to earn her, but only for one week, when the birds of this Mystery Game will take flight.

What do you think of the birds in this week's Mystery Game? Will you try to earn all of the birds so you can walk away with the Black Necked Swan? Let us know in the comments.