FarmVille: Lighthouse Cove takes over the travel screen [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Apparently, my "week" prediction was even too long, as users on the FarmVille forums have reported gaining access for 55 Farm Cash. If this turns out to be legitimate, we'll make sure to give you a complete rundown of how you too can access Lighthouse Cove as soon as possible. Check out our complete guide to getting early access into Lighthouse Cove (and what you can expect once your boat hits shore) right here.

If there wasn't already enough indication that Lighthouse Cove will be launching in FarmVille very, very soon, there's this. The game's travel screen animation has been blown up and replaced with this massive banner (again, it's animated, with the boat riding the waves), showing us a bit of Lighthouse Cove in the distance (well, the Lighthouse and some grass, anyway). We already know that we'll be traveling to Lighthouse Cove via boat, so this will likely be the sight we'll see when traveling for quite a while.

Does this matter? Yes, it most certainly does, as it gives us a better time table of when to expect the launch of this third farm (and when we'll apparently need to shell out 45 Farm Cash to travel there). After the launch of new crafting recipes in-game that deal with unreleased crops that (we can only assume) are part of Lighthouse Cove, and after the many teaser imagesZynga has laid out for us over the last week or so, I'd wager some pretty serious (virtual) money that we'll be seeing Lighthouse Cove launch within the next week - two at most.

The FarmVille team doesn't normally release this much in-game content weeks or months before that content is ready (aside from screenshots that may be posted on Facebook fan pages, which, again, isn't live in the game), so I'd grab some Farm Cash, people. It looks like we'll be heading off to Lighthouse Cove a lot sooner than anyone imagined.

Have you spotted any other Lighthouse Cove content in your own game? Are you ready to tackle a third farm, or will you stick with the two you already have for the foreseeable future? Sound off in the comments.
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