FarmVille: Lighthouse Cove crafting recipes show up in Pubs


While we already knew that Lighthouse Cove will be launching in FarmVille "soon," the exact release date hasn't been announced. That "soon" however, looks to be incredibly so, as new Crafting Recipes, dealing with unreleased Lighthouse Cove crops have started appearing in the currently accessible crafting buildings.

As two particular examples, if you travel to the English Countryside and look into your Pub, you'll see Blackberry Brandy and Potato Soup, two recipes that require unreleased crops: the Darrow Blackberries and Kennebec Potatoes, respectively. Now, while this might make you think that these two crops will just be released in the English Countryside instead, let's not forget that these two crops were first spotted in a whole slew of Mastery Signs dealing with what was then known as the New Hampshire farm, which was then officially announced to be Lighthouse Cove.

While that still doesn't explain how these recipes ended up inside these Crafting Cottages (heck, it could be that they will come to the English Countryside instead, although that's highly unlikely at this point), it could simply be a test by Zynga, or a quiet released sneak peek for those who are paying close attention. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know when these crops officially release, and where you can craft these new recipes, as soon as they launch.

Do you have any other unreleased crop crafting recipes hiding away in your Crafting Cottages? What are they? Let us know in the comments.