FarmVille Sneak Peek: Will Lighthouse Cove cost 45 Farm Cash?

According to an unreleased market image, that answer is yes. Before we start panicking, let's dig a little further into this. The folks at FarmVille Masters came across this image, which looks to say that a single ticket into Lighthouse Cove in FarmVille costs 45 Farm Cash. The Farm Cash option isn't a shocker, as we saw the same thing happen with the launch of the English Countryside earlier this year.

What will be interesting is whether or not the free tickets to Lighthouse Cove (assuming they exist, and the third farm isn't solely open to paying players) will launch at the same time as Farm Cash tickets, or if non-paying players will have to wait for the third farm to open up to them at a later date, in the same way we see expansions taking weeks or even months to be released for coins after they've launched for Farm Cash.

Either way, this 45 Farm Cash price tag opens up a whole list of possibilities for debate. Is that too expensive, or a fair price? What if non-paying players really are left out of this farm, even if temporarily, until Zynga decides to let them in for free? How will users react to such a setup? There's potential for conflict and drama here, farmers, and we'll make sure to stay on top of things as we see just how it all plays out.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Masters]

Share your thoughts with us on this potential Lighthouse Cove price tag. Is 45 Farm Cash an acceptable amount to pay for access to a third farm, or will you be patient and wait for the free tickets that will likely come? Sound off in the comments.