FarmVille: Take a trip to Lighthouse Cove tonight (for 55 Farm Cash)


The time we've been waiting for has arrived, farmers! Lighthouse Cove has officially started its rollout in FarmVille, allowing "VIP Farmers" (ie: those that are willing to pay Farm Cash) access to this third farm via a one-time purchase of 55 Farm Cash. Everyone else will have to wait until September 19, when "free boat departures" start taking off.

If you're willing to make a purchase, you'll know that you can when you see a set of pop-ups like the ones below. If you don't have the 55 Farm Cash on your account currently, you'll be prompted to purchase it, with the 55 Farm Cash being available for $10 (conveniently in a single package).

Once you've paid for your ticket, you'll see a cutscene where Brenda will remember the beauty of the Lighthouse Cove, before a terrible storm came and swept it all away. The boat dock has been struck by lightning and the buildings (save for a few) have been destroyed.

After that point, you'll be set on your way with a series of new quests, where Brenda will introduce you to your new farm. The rules here are actually a bit different from other farms; specifically, as this is a resort town, farmland is limited, and you'll be limited to a specific amount of farm plots for the size of your farm. That is, as you expand your Lighthouse Cove, you'll gain access to plowing more plots. To start, you'll have room for just 35 farm plots, although you don't have to plow that many if you don't want to.

Other than that, things are as you'd expect - you can plant chicken coops, raise animals and other general farm tasks, and can build the Wildlife Habitat or Orchard that you've been given as free frames. You'll even be given a Mountain Lion for free in your inventory if you purchased your way in. As for repairing the Lighthouse Cove itself, you can check out our guide to repairing it right here.

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Have you received your ticket to enter Lighthouse Cove, or will you wait until September 19, when you can get in for free? Sound off in the comments.