CityVille Ride the Rapids Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


A new timed goal has launched in CityVille, that sees Paul hoping to enjoy one last outing in the summer heat by taking a ride on the rapids. Of course, the goal is called "Ride the Rapids," and it comes with just a 24 hour time limit, if you're looking for the biggest (and best) prizes.

Before Paul can take off on his adventure, you'll need to help him prepare by gathering quite a few ingredients. Luckily, these three tasks do seem doable in the 24 hour time period, at least more so than others that require you to grow crops.

Get 8 Paddles
Visit 15 Unique Neighbors
Collect from 80 Businesses

It doesn't seem to matter how many businesses you collect from repeatedly, so if I were you, I'd simply collect from some of the least profitable businesses tons of time to reach the 80 businesses total quicker. As for the paddles, they're earned via a general news post on your wall that any of your friends can respond to.

If you complete these three tasks within 24 hours, you'll receive the Gold Trophy, 2,300 coins, 1,100 Goods and 48 XP. For finishing after the first 24 hours, but within 72 hours of starting this goal, you'll earn the Silver Trophy, 2,300 coins and 1,100 Goods, but no experience points. Finally, if you finish these tasks at any point after the first 72 hours have passed, you'll receive 1,100 Goods. Either way, you'll receive plenty of Goods to pay you back for the Goods you spent in completing these tasks, so it isn't all bad.

There doesn't look to be a time limit for how long you'll have to accept this goal, so feel free to finish some other projects in your city before tackling it, if it makes you feel better.

What do you think of the Ride the Rapids Timed Goal? Is it the easiest timed goal yet, or the hardest? Sound off in the comments.