FarmVille Sneak Peek: Lighthouse Cove Barn and Garage


If you were starting to doubt just how functional the upcoming Lighthouse Cove farm in FarmVille would be, some of those fears should be put to rest with Zynga's newest teaser image. While this is the same section of the farm that we've seen time and time again (with the mermaid, whale and boat dock), this picture also shows us what's going a bit further to the west, in the form of the farm's barn and garage (the red and blue buildings, respectively).

The text for this teaser image states that we'll be able to "[r]estore the cove, create a thriving restaurant, master your animals and crops and complete the ultimate farming cove experience with the coastal lighthouse!"

Of course, we already brought you details on this restaurant, in that it will be this third farm's Crafting Cottage, but the idea of restoring the cove is an interesting one. Perhaps this will be more like the English Countryside than not, seeing us fix the Barn and Garage using excess building parts, rather than starting them from scratch. Whatever the case, this farmer is incredibly excited to see more, and we'll make sure to let you know all additional details surrounding Lighthouse Cove as we know more.

Do you think we'll have to fix buildings in Lighthouse Cove, or could this "restore" wording deal with repairing the lighthouse or boat dock - things that are unique to this third farm? Speculate with us in the comments!