Adventure World Deep Jungle Quests: Everything you need to know

As we've told you before, Zynga's newest Facebook game Adventure World comes with it tons of new maps, taking you through the dense jungles and even through dark and gloomy caves while trying to gain access to the lost city of El Dorado. Early on in the gameplay (via the game's tutorial), you're given the Master Key to opening El Dorado, but are slowed when you realize that before the key will turn, you'll need to find and replace four idols to the surrounding pillars. The first idol is the Monkey Idol, and you'll unlock access to completing this new adventure as soon as you gather three friends to help, along with some supplies in the form of Food, Fuel and Water.

This new adventure takes place in an area known as the Deep Jungle. Just like an Expedition, this Deep Jungle area contains quests within itself (side-quests, if you will) that can also be completed as you go along. Your overall goal, yes, it to collect the Monkey Idol, but there's so much more to it than that. Here's a guide to surviving the Deep Jungle, and coming back with the Monkey Idol in one piece.

Main Quests in the Deep Jungle

Find the Monkey Idol, Part 1

Recover the Monkey Idol

Of course, the Monkey Idol can't just be right as you walk in the door, but is instead on the far side of this massive map. There are plenty of cloud covering your view, traps to disarm and snakes to kill, but if you can continually wait for your energy to recharge, you'll eventually make it to the end to "recover" this Idol. Here's a picture of it for your reference.

Find the Monkey Idol, Part 2

Recover the Idol... Quick!

Ok, so maybe that last idol was fake. And maybe you're now stuck in a pit full of snakes underground, but that's nothing you can't handle, right? As the quest window tells you, the real Monkey Idol is behind the wall in front of you, so clear out the snakes in the pit and use your Master Key on the keyhole in front of you. This cases the wall to drop, revealing the real Monkey Idol!

Find the Monkey Idol, Part 3

Return to Base Camp
Place the Monkey Idol

At this point, you will have completed the main quests for Deep Jungle, but it should be noted that you can click on the first, false Monkey Idol at any time, but will not have a chance to go back and complete the side quests below after that point. Continue only when you feel that you've completed everything you wanted to. Note: If this changes in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

Deep Jungle Side Quests

Hungry Monkeys!

Harvest 4 Banana Trees
Feed Bananas to 4 Monkeys

Banana Trees tend to be found in the far corners of the map, or in areas that are otherwise hard to get to due to tons of bushes or snakes. Here's a picture of them for your reference.

Gather Rare Flowers

Collect 5 Blue Flowers
Collect 5 Orange Flowers
Collect 5 Pink Flowers

These flowers are scattered throughout the map, so just keep an eye on when clearing bushes or whacking snakes to see if you notice any flowers nearby. You might also need to enter into caves hidden under "Blooming Bushes" to find flowers and the Vases below. Here's the location of two hidden caves (the Ladders are revealed under the Blooming Bushes) for your reference.

Snake Handling

Defeat 5 Bush Snakes
Defeat 5 Quick Snakes
Hire a Friend to Help

Luckily, you can complete all of these tasks on your own, so don't panic about the "hiring a friend" bit. Since you already had to ask for three friends' help before even starting these quests, you'll then see your three friends scattered through the map waiting for you to call on them. Just click on their picture and then click on the "Hire" button that appears. You'll then "take control" of that friend's avatar, and can perform three actions with the tools they currently have in their own game. That is, if they're a much higher level than you, and have upgraded tools, you'll gain the power of those tool for your short time with them in the game. Just hire one friend and you'll complete this task. As for the other two, remember that Quick Snakes are those that roam freely, while Bush Snakes hide inside bushes that shake.

Society Work

Get 5 Jade Vases
Get 3 Red Vases
Get 2 Azure Skulls
Get a Leafy Reinforcement from the Arrowhead Collection

Like in most other maps, we're asked to collect Jade and Red Vases, which are scattered randomly throughout the map. If you don't think they're worth collecting, due to the energy you'll "waste" doing so, keep in mind that collecting these type of items normally give you free energy in return (sometimes more than you spent), so it's definitely worthwhile. As for the Leafy Reinforcement, you can earn it in any Jungle Map at random - so, something like Snake Marsh, for instance. I suppose, then, you could also earn it while going through the Deep Jungle, but I would be surprised if they made it that easy.

With these story-based quests, there's no time limit for completing them, so if you're currently in the middle of an Expedition, feel free to go and complete it before your time runs out instead of rushing through these quests. The Monkey Idol will be waiting for you when you're ready for it, and hopefully you'll have earned some much better tools to help you get there faster. Happy exploring!

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