Adventure World Cheats & Tips: Expedition Mastery Guide


While we've already brought you a detailed look at the first few Expeditions in Adventure World, did you know that you can actually repeat these Expeditions and eventually master them? That's right, each time you repeat an Expedition, you'll earn points towards mastering the Expedition itself, and with each star of mastery you earn (for that particular Expedition), your potential rewards will increase.

As of right now, it looks like each individual Expedition has a total of five mastery stars available to earn, but you won't necessarily go up a full star level each time you play through it. That is, you may have to finish a single Expedition more than five times to completely master it. In the process, however, you'll earn plenty of rewards like Food, Fuel and Coins. Luckily, you can see a complete rundown of what your additional rewards will be before really getting too deep into repeating them. Just start an Expedition as you normally would (say, on your very first time running through it), and click on the "Rewards" button at the bottom of the screen, as seen below.

This will bring up the following menu, showing you the possible maximum rewards for each star level of that Expedition. As you can see from our below example - Jungle Run - the rewards become significantly higher the more and more times you play through the entire Expedition, but remember, doing so is mostly voluntary. That is, you may need to backtrack to past Expeditions to level up and unlock new ones, but at least you can pick and choose which ones to repeat and which ones to avoid based on your preferences.

All in all, the process of mastering Expeditions really isn't that complicated - just know that by playing the game more often, you'll increase the rate at which you master them, and the rate at which you earn bigger and better rewards. And make sure to keep checking back with us as we bring you more details about Zynga's newest - and largest - Facebook game yet.

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Will you work to master each and every Expedition in Adventure World, or are some of these Expeditions too difficult to complete more than once? Sound off in the comments.